SSAIB Approved Alarm Installer – Guernsey Alarm Maintenance

Insurance companies often specify that a burglar alarm system must be set up and maintained by a registered installer in order for you to be able to claim on theft. There is an ever-increasing trend towards stipulating approved systems in virtually any situation: not just high-risk commercial properties or homes with valuable contents. Even if there is no current requirement from your insurers, there might well be at a later date should they start to specify such systems to minimize their losses.

Watchman Security is an SSAIB Registered installer, providing installations and Guernsey alarm maintenance services to the required standards. We also carry specialist insurance cover for liability, and offer full upkeep of new and installed alarms whether they were installed by us or not.

Watchman Security Guernsey engineers carry out a service check as standard, which is then followed by a detailed report that advises owners of any faults.

This check includes:

  • Correct operation of the control panel
  • Testing all backup batteries
  • Checking supply voltages and current draws
  • Testing sirens and speakers
  • Ensuring that the alarm system is setting, activating and deactivating properly

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